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Living and Working in Cambodia

There are not many things that people thrive for more than having a great job and comfortable place to live. An incredible new place to find work and live that is convenient to any individual is living and working in Cambodia. Living and working in Cambodia is an option that is becoming quite popular especially with westerners who have gone there to travel and later stayed longer because of the inexpensive services such as rent and transport which includes food and restaurants. Labor force in Cambodia is also quite affordable for any person or cooperation wanting to start a business or expand it into the country while living and working in the Cambodia.
In some cities in Cambodia prices differ depending on location, some cities the price of accommodation or rent can go up to $750, if you’re looking to live there really well and in other cities as low as $100 and you can still live comfortably. A few cities in Cambodia have mansions with rooms ranging as low as $100 per month. Food is also inexpensive to acquire and many people can live on $25 a month just on food whether going to an inexpensive restaurant or a mid range restaurant.

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