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Culture and Tradition in Cambodia

In Cambodia , death is not feared nor outpoured by sadness or grief but viewed as the end of one life and the start of a new life with hope of a better one. In childbirth, the family especially the mother and the child are exposed  to harm  from the spirit world. And if the mother dies in childbirth, she is believe to become an evil spirit. In their culture, head is considered  to have the person’s soul in it. It is therefore disrespectful to touch the head by the feet, in which the feet  are impure considering that they are the lowest part of the body .
When a  child reaches the age of four , he or she is expected to take care of  the younger siblings. Pre-marital sex is deplored and that virginity is of high value in bride. Cambodians have great respect  with older people, the greater  a person’s age , the greater  respect is given to them.
Traditional fashion differs  according to the ethnic group and the social class. Khmer people usually carries scarf , for it has multiple purpose , it serves  as protection from the heat of the sun, for carrying babies , hammock and definitely for a style. While for the social class people, they  usually wear the long traditional garment known as “sampot” influenced by the Indian costume. In sports, Cambodians are involved with football, kick boxing, and traditional wrestling.

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