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Visa Requirements to Vietnam and Cambodia

Visa Requirements to Vietnam and Cambodia
Vietnam and Cambodia like many South East Asian countries have very lenient visa requirements for nationalities of many countries. Nationalities of ASEAN countries intending to stay for less than 30 days do not need entry visas while there are many others that have bilateral agreements for their citizens to have either 14 or 15 days visa free. Such countries are Finland, Sweden, South Korea, Norway, Japan, Russia and Brunei. Other nationalities require a visa to enter the two countries. In lieu of the visa, travellers can also provide either visa approval letters to visa collection on arrival or letter of visa exemption.
Different category of visitors need different visas, tourists visiting either Vietnam or Cambodia as tourists will require. The Cambodia tourist visa allows a traveller stay period of 90 days from the time of issue. The recommended length of stay for one entry is normally 30 days. The Vietnamese tourist visa also allows stay period of between 30 and 60 days depending on the status. It is advisable that you leave before expiry.
The Cambodian business visa is necessary if the traveller intends to engage in an economic activity or business of some sorts while visiting. These activities include fundraising, representing organisations in meetings and conferences, participating in competitive sporting activities and other such activities that do not fit the bill of travelling for leisure. The business visa for the two countries gives a maximum stay period of up to 90 days.
All these visa types can be applied for in Vietnamese and Cambodian embassies near the applicant. Cambodian embassies support application in person, via mail or online. The Vietnamese on the other hand recommend application via mail and in person. There have nee cases where internet portals with no link whatsoever to the embassies have purported to help travellers get visas to Vietnam thereby conning them of the visa fee and giving them bogus travel documents.
The two countries provide very easy visa application procedures; the processing period though is long with some taking up to two weeks.

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