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Seek real love in Ratanakiri Cambodia love huts

Seek real love in Ratanakiri Cambodia love huts
Cambodia is no doubt one of the Southeast Asian country having unique cultural practices. In one of the Cambodian province named Ratanakiri a strange and unique practice is done by the dwellers. When daughters come to the age of 15, parents build “LOVE HUTS” for them to have sex in. The aim of these love huts is to give them a chance to have an experience of having sex with boys that may help them in latter married life. The girls have a freedom to choose the boy to whom she can have a sex.

Kreung society has elders that teach boys to give respect to the opposite sex. All is up to the wish of girls, if they don’t want to have sex, boys won’t touch them and they just talk and sleep. If the girl wishes to change her boyfriend then the first one doesn’t create any obstacle in front of her. This seems that Cambodians are enjoying full freedom in their sexual lives.

Parents usually don’t give any specific advises to their kids about sex but they build trust that they have passed enough good morals in their kids so that they can make the best choices for them. Nongovernmental organizations mainly spread the information about contraception including condoms and boys are responsible wearing them.

This unique culture is also criticized by many civilized nations of the world that boundaries must be set for every society.  Taking contraceptive pills for daughters doesn’t mean that they will not have sex before marriage. But still Ratanakiri has deep feelings for this practice. Cambodia is passing through the period of evolution and all such practices are tumbling at unofficial levels.

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