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Info Provision By Cambodia Update News And Media

Info Provision By Cambodia Update News And Media
Cambodia is a country located in the southeastern part of Asia. To be more specific, it is located around the southern part of Indochina peninsula.   It is among the most populous cities in the world. In actual fact, it stands in the 70th position. It has Vietnam, Laos and Gulf of Thailand as its neighbors at the southwest, northeast and eastern borders respectively. The above is enough to give the reader an understanding about the place of importance of Cambodia in the world. The country also played a every significant role during the Cold War. More information about Cambodia can be gotten from sites offering Cambodia update news and media.
To make the country fit into the 70th position among the most populous cities in the world, it has a population of about 14.8 million. Buddhism happens to be the official religion in this city. Not all occupants of the nation practice this religion but  the majority of the population do. This majority amounts to about 95%v of the population. Other religions like Islam and Christianity are distributed among the remaining 5% of the population. This information can be confirmed through Cambodia update news and media outlets both online and offline.
Phnom Penh is the largest city in Cambodia. It is also the capital city. It also acts as the economic and political center of the country. The Royal Throne Council is the body responsible for selecting the monarch ruling over the country.  The leadership is referred to as constitutional monarchy.
According to Cambodia update news and media, several nationalities and ethnic groups can be found in Cambodia.  Vietnamese, Chams and Chinese nationals form the minority groups found in the country. There are also up to 30 hill tribes making up a considerable percentage of the minority tribes found in the country.

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