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Employment opportunities in phnom penh- Teaching is the leading one

Employment opportunities in phnom penh- Teaching is the leading one
Working in Cambodia isn’t any mean that you will get rich sooner. One thing that you must keep in mind that Cambodia is also apart of third world countries and it has only 1.5$ income of a single hand per day. Cambodia is illustrious because of its traditional history. This great nation is passing through evolution period. The bloodshed, brutal and inhumane history of Cambodia under the rule of France is the inspiration of modern Cambodians to work hard day and night in order to change their present and future from their past.

So far as, employment opportunities in Cambodia teaching is one of the highly paid employments especially in Phnom Pehn.  There is no doubt in the fact that teachers are highly welcomed in the country and they give much respect to foreigner teachers. If you are willing to teach in higher paying school at high secondary level then you will no need to have TEFL degree or TESL.  You are also welcomed in casual dressing, as Cambodians are very simple and tradition lovers, so they prefer their traditional dressing.

If you want to teach for a short time then Phnom Pehn, Cambodia is such a good place to get some useful experience instead of exploring the country for teaching job.  Most of the teaching jobs are hourly based. Moreover these schools also don’t ask for the employee’s working visa.  

If you are intending to travel with your family in Phnom Penh then you should for it. This is because of the improvement that has come into the medical care in the last few years. There is a vast difference in the weather in Cambodia from the weather in U.S and if you want to hire an air conditioned condominium place then it will be difficult for you to pay the rent from your pay as a teacher.  

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