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Diamond island Phnom Penh

Diamond island Phnom Penh

Diamond Island is a small island located right next the river Bassac in Phnom Penh (Cambodia’s largest and capital city). It recently was commissioned by the local government to become an area for tourists, housing, and some restaurants. Currently, there is not much on the island but a convention center, a park, and a lot of construction.

Eventually it will become another famous tourist destination, and a tower is planned, where you can go 555 meters into the air and see Phnom Penh from the sky with no distractions.

Diamond Island is perhaps most known for an unfortunate accident that happened near it a few years ago. Every year in Cambodia there is a festival called the Cambodian Water Festival. It happens every year in November when the Tonle Sap River reverses its flow. There is a lot of parties all throughout Cambodia, but the biggest parties and celebrations happen in Phnom Penh, near Diamond Island. Unfortunately, in 2010, there was an accident that killed around 350 people.

What happened was that a bunch of people had gathered on Diamond Island to watch boat races that typically occur during the water festival. To get to Diamond Island you have to cross the only bridge to get on and off the island. A few people passed out during the day, and that set off a panic, causing a stampede that killed around 350 people.

Other than that unfortunate event, the life of Diamond Island has been rather tame. It's just a small island that cuts into the river Bassac. If you are ever visiting Phnom Penh in Cambodia, be sure to check out Diamond Island. It's a neat little island that you won't have to take a lot of time out of your day to go see. If you just want to go to a park, or get closer to the Bassac River, Diamond Island is the way to go.

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