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Cyber Scam in Vietnam

Cyber Scam in Vietnam
With the great opportunity that the technology which is up until now developing rapidly, not only those businessman took and grabbed that opportunity, as they say, when there is light there is also darkness the saying goes on this job. A lot of business booms but a lot of online scammers, and frauds are also on the IT industry.
This was proven when the Department of Homeland Security, claimed that two students from Vietnam happened to have done an Online Scam/ Cyber Scam, having targeted PayPal and eBay. Agents from the DHS, have tracked down two students that are exchange students at Minnesota Winona State University and have seized documents and computer equipments that are tools that are being used to do the scam.
The two students named, Tram Vo and Khoi Van, has made more or less 1.2 million USD. Their scam includes activities by selling stuffs on eBay, then shipped the buyers product by purchasing all of the ordered products through stolen credit card numbers.
The scam that the the 2 criminals used, caused a big loss for the merchants like eBay.
Here’s what the duo do to scam:
First, they would set up fake eBay and Pay Pal accounts with stolen information from people and start selling products such as software, video games and a lot more stuffs you can find at eBay, and they just wait until a buyer buys their products. And when someone buys it using his/her Pay Pal account, the duo would then order the product from the manufacturer, now using the credit card information they have hacked before hand or stolen somewhere. Sadly by the time when the real credit card user reported the incident, the duo would have already moved their money from PayPal into other bank account, and finally they move it to different yet accounts either in Canada or Vietnam.
eBay or whichever merchant the duo used, are the biggest loser in the deal, at the same time it is a hassle for the people who have their information stolen since they have to clean their name and untangle to the scam transactions in eBay and PayPal accounts.
The DHS has been investigating the Vietnamese crime ring from September 2009, and they have said that there are hundreds of millions of dollars they are taking from the online stores/sellers.

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