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Cambodian Muslim development foundation

Cambodian Muslim development foundation

The Cambodian Muslim foundation came from the association of Muslim Development foundation when there was a name change in 1997.  The Cambodian Muslim development Association is recognized by the interior Ministry of Cambodia.
It was formed to bring solidarity of all the Muslims of Cambodia at all classes and places. It came from the generosity of individual and /or collective Muslims of Cambodia that are strongly willing to adhere to democracy, patriotism peace and love, Islamic religion and voluntarily involve themselves in Causing the foundation to improve livelihoods and human resources and participate greatly in building and developing Cambodia.
Cambodian Muslim Development Association is located at 116D, Russian Federation Blvd, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  The organization is involved in many Muslim development activities. For example  in 2012 August  at Jammee Ammar Bin Yasear Grand Mosque9 in the Capital Phnom Penh  the organization organized a Quran in Khmer translation delivering program  under  the presidency  o f Malaysian Minister of National Defense representative, The president of  RESTU Foundation and other International and National guests numbering around 1000 people.
The foundation is based on correct, basic principles, sincere operations and a detailed program in Causes of Islamic and National to meet its objectives stage by stage. The Cambodian Muslim Development Foundation has continued to improve and advance all the time due to its close cooperation with both the Muslims of Cambodia and other Muslim communities outside the country and other international and national organizations, Communities and other Islamic and non Islamic followers.
The Supreme Board of Directors was formed in order to respond to necessary requests and top lead the foundation.

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