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Cambodia Volunteer opportunities

Cambodia Volunteer opportunities
Cambodia is well-off in history, traditions and glorious nature. Apart from that, it has a dark yore. Cambodia’s extended civil war has caused 30 percent out of 100 inhabitants to live under the state’s poverty line.  Major populace relies on key industry such as farming, fishing and planting. Usual earnings are frequently below $10 for each month. Volunteering in one of Asia's poorest nations can be demanding, but extremely satisfying. There are a lot of volunteer prospect for persons who wish for volunteering in Cambodia.
Cambodia recommends three kind of volunteer opportunities which includes teaching, working with children and wellbeing.
Teaching:  The illiteracy toll is soaring in Cambodia among the other countries in Southeast Asia. In Cambodia, Volunteers have a chance teaching diverse subjects and fields. English is taught in community hub, orphanage or public schools. Intermediary computer skillfulness to young adults is also taught. Hospitality vocational classes are conducted for adults. Current fiscal development and thirst for learning have made Cambodia a rapid rising career marketplace for English teachers in South East Asia. TEFL certification is required to get jobs easier in teaching.
Work with Children: Cambodia has an enormous load of orphaned children to think about and take care of. Owing to the soaring levels of poverty in Cambodia, a lot of children are sadly left with no adequate care and a few are forced to be street tramps. The country offers many opportunities to work with disabled and HIV positive children, and orphans.
Health: Cambodians are in front of a very severe HIV/AIDS crisis. The disease has increased from drug addicts and sex workers to the rest of the inhabitants. Though the government reaches people through sexual education to reduce the spread of the disease, the country still has one of the maximum numbers of HIV cases in Asia. A need for volunteers thus arrived to alert the Cambodian populace. Volunteers have an opportunity to help the local organizations on combating the HIV/AIDS and also educate the public. In Cambodia, rural community health volunteers provide decisive aid for expectant women and infants.
A number of additional volunteer opportunities include construction and infrastructure ventures in Siem Reap. Volunteers will construct new houses and/or make key patch up to the homes of the poor and most disadvantaged villagers.
Volunteers will also help in the elephant refuge by providing home and food.

Cambodia harbor is a rich and diverse marine habitat but there has been rapid destruction of the marine environment due to the use of non-sustainable fishing practices. Volunteering opportunities here include collecting data to support applications for protected fishing zones for the use of the local communities. And also they help in installing new infrastructure such as water pumps and rubbish disposal facilities.

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