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Cambodia Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications

Cambodia Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
The Cambodian Ministry of posts and telecommunication governs the countries Postal Systems and telecommunication systems and the Ministry has its offices in Phnom Penh. Camnet Internet services and telecom Cambodia are the principle Cambodian internet service provider and telecom operator and they function under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Posts and telecommunications.
The Cambodian Ministry of posts and telecommunications was the regulator, Policy maker of Posts and telecommunications before 2006 when the new reforms came in the operations of telecommunications were separated from the Ministry Of posts and telecommunications to The telecom Cambodia which is a state Enterprise and it therefore takes on the job of the regulator, policy maker and operator of telecommunications in Cambodia. It has several departments which include the following administrative departments:
Posts Department
International Telecom Department
Domestic Telecom Department
Inspection Department
Finance and Plan Department
Frequency Management and Licensing Department

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