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CTN (Cambodian Television Network) TV live is Cambodian television network that airs news, comedies, South American dramas and movies among other programs. It is the famous and popular channel to most of the citizens and visitors.  Having been established most recently, March 2003, it is the youngest channel in Cambodia. I wonder why it is the most preferred channel by Cambodians. Could it be because of the very good programs it airs? May be this is one of the reasons. In addition to this, they must be having good and eloquent anchors that make it attractive to persons of all like.
It is also important to note that the channel airs its programs to the whole world. This gives an opportunity to Cambodian people in other countries to follow and be part of everything that takes place in their societies or country at large.  It also airs very good educational programs.The programs are made available to other parts of the world through satellite signal or cable television networks. The people of Cambodia prefer this channel because of its ability to air breaking news when it is still hot; the channels are on 24 hours a day. You will not miss to watch the great morning reviews and some important security news.
The detailed news is also repeated in the evening and at night. There is also a summary of short session of news in the afternoons. CTN is not left behind when it comes to live broadcasting of events. It also offers a direct link to Cambodia. You can tune in and get all that happens in Cambodia. CTN is known for its modern look and is available in the USA through GlobeCast WorldTV at a fee. It is also possible to stay in touch with the programs on your iPad or iPhone with CTN.


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