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Volunteer Opportunities in Cambodia

The war in Cambodia is long gone and it among a must see destination in southeastern Asia. It has ancient temples like the Angkor wat temple which is the biggest Buddhist temple in the world, great beaches and exotic jungles and these are just a few of the best attractions in Cambodia. In the French indo-China Phnom Penh the Capital of Cambodia with more than one million residents and was once considered one of the most beautiful cities in the French colonies. The French colonial charm survived the decades of war in Cambodia and people are still experiencing it since 1953 independence. Cambodia’s French colonialists left beautiful public buildings and great private villas even though they are dilapidated today due to many years of war. The capitol Phnom Penh offers its visitor a variety of café, restaurants and Hotels; it also has an excellent National museum, the silver Pagoda and royal palace.
Many areas of Phnom Penh with a lovely night life and a beautiful Riverfront you can still see Cambodians struggling through poverty but despite the poverty Cambodian economy is starting to flourish and the people of Cambodia still need many unavailable services. 

There are several volunteer opportunities in Cambodia in many sectors including Education mostly in the teaching of English; there are also volunteer opportunities in Healthcare and there are also opportunities in community organizations.

You can get volunteer opportunities in any of the following organization depending on the services you wish to offer.

Action aid Australia which is an international NGO with operations in more than 40 countries. It basically focuses on poverty eradication. The NGO has been in Cambodia since 1999.

You can go to Siem Reap and offer your services at Angkor Hospital for children. The Hospital was started by Kenro Izu a Japanese photographer in 1999 as a charitable organization.

You can also to the Global child, Beatocello and Jayavarman VII Hospital, Singing Tree Café, Catholic Church; you’ve got Talent and many other organizations operating within Cambodia.

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