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The Best Universities in Cambodia

University education offers more than just the next step in the learning process. It provides the high-level skills necessary for different professionals including; teachers, engineers, civil servants, scientists, among others. These trained individuals play a very crucial part towards global economical, social, and political development. Every country across the globe has institutions of higher learning and Cambodia is no exception. This country boasts of some of the best universities all over the world. Below are just but a few that offers the best courses and also have exceptional learning facilities. 

First we have the Royal University of Law and Economics. This was the first higher educational institution in Cambodia which was originally founded in 1949 as the National institute of Law, politics and economics. Over the years this university has undergone tremendous changes but it is still the leading university in the fields of law, economics, and business education. Some of the courses on offer include; Law, Public administration, Economics and management, Informatics Economics, and a host of other Master’s and Doctoral programs. 

Next we have the University of Cambodia. This Magnificent educational institution was founded in June 2003 and it strives to provide quality education to students as well as promote academic excellence at the national and international level. It boasts of numerous facilities including the famous Toshu Fukami Library. The University offers Associate, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate Degree Programs. 

Next we have the Cambodian Mekong University. This university boasts of numerous facilities geared towards providing quality education that meets international standards. It has a spacious library, computer laboratories, a recreational center, and fully equipped classrooms. It offers postgraduate and undergraduate programs in various fields including; Law, Art, Economics, among others. 

We also have the Royal University of Phnom Penh. This university was founded in 1960 as the Royal Khmer University. It is currently one of the largest public universities in Cambodia with a student population of over 12,000. It has some of the best facilities in the country and offers specialist degrees in various fields like sciences and humanities. It also offers professional degrees in fields like information technology, tourism, and psychology. 

Finally we have the National University of Management. This is one of the leading business schools in Cambodia. Over a thousand students enroll at this university annually. It offers a number of business related Bachelor, Master’s and Doctoral programs. 

Other universities in Cambodia worth noting include; The Royal University of Fine Arts, The Royal University of Agriculture, Western University, Norton University, and the National Institute of Education. 

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