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Telecommunication Services Industry in Cambodia

Telecommunications and indeed any form of communication for that matter came back into existence in Cambodia only recently after a complete blackout occasioned by the war. The communist regime saw to it that telecommunicationservices were done away with because they did not embody the feeling of equality. Two-way telecommunications between Phnom Penh and Hanoi, Moscow and Paris were re-established as recently as 1987 since 1975. This happened when the former USSR supported space communication station Intersputnik began operation in the Cambodian capital
The resumption of communication coincided with a time when telecommunication service provision was a preserve of the government. There however have been strides that have helped dismantle the county’s isolation both from the outside world and to the citizens within the borders. Mobile phone availability for instance is open to all.

Telecom Cambodia is the government corporation running telecommunication, this government agency was founded in 2006. It was hived off department of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication that dealt with telecom management. Since its creation, there has been increased mobile phone coverage and more so in the rural area. Fixed landline service is also available in Phnom Penh and other major cities. 

The mobile phone service providers have increased to six and their services especially in the urban areas provide better options to the deficiencies that characterise fixed landline connections. This increase in the number of providers has seen connection rates drastically reduce due to the cut throat competition. The number of subscribers is estimated to be rising by 60%. This trend has been consistent for three years now.

Despite the boon that characterised the increase in mobile telephony, international calling rates are still very prohibitive despite the adequate access available. In numbers, the estimated units of fixed landlines available are set at 40,000 and reducing while mobile telephones are estimated at more than 16 million.

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