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Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Cambodia

In Cambodia, the Ministry of Post and telecommunications is the government agency in charge of postal services and telecommunications. It is headed by a minister who operates out of the headquarters in Phnom Penh. The ministry is in charge of all service providers in the telecom industry like Telecom Cambodia who are the key telecom operators and Camnet Internet Services that provides internet service provision. 

The ministry has five administrative departments each in charge of a particular jurisdiction within the postal and telecom industry. The postal department is in charge of the operations of all post offices distributed within the country. The department sets the charges for different services offered within its jurisdiction. Telecommunications department is divided into international and domestic telecom departments. The domestic department deals with connections within the country and licensing issues of telecommunication services inside of Cambodia.

The ministry also has finance and planning department in charge of evaluating the improvements required then planning and allocating resources to make these projects successful. The department is in charge of informing about staffing needs at the ministry same as planning projects round the budget allocations.

The frequency management and licensing wing is in charge of providing letters of authority to companies, individuals and organizations who would like to engage in communication enterprise requiring radio waves allocations.

Within the ministry is an organization of senior personnel in charge of formulating policies and regulations that govern the industry. These then get presented to the authorities and must be discussed in parliament and get ratification. As the ministry, their other role is making sure the regulations they make are adhered to.

Like all ministries, the agency is headed by a cabinet minister who represents the needs, achievements and requirements of the ministry before the cabinet meetings.

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