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Life in Banlung Ratanakiri Cambodia

A small town Banlung is the capital of Ratanakiri, Cambodia. This part of the world is really very heavily forested. There are more than 12 various ethic missionary groups live in this land. The town is growing with new roads that are being built and modernity that creeps into the society. 

Traveling to Banlung is not so difficult in the presence of an airfield within Banlung but all commercial flights have to land first at Ratanakiri. One can travel to the town by bus but keep it in mind that the condition of the road between Phnom Penh is not so good and the road between Banlung and Stung Treng Junction is completely sealed. 
The land is enriched with oil palms, rubber and cashews. It is considered one of the best agricultural lands in Cambodia. Banlung is illustrious for its beautiful lakes and water falls including Yeak Laom Volcanic Lake, Wat Rahtanharahm, Cha Ong, Kan Chang and Ka Tieng water falls. The town is enjoying high level of tourism because of all these natural beauty that allures the attention of tourists. 

Banlung market is an episode of typical Cambodian market selling the common and same merchandise. Khmer Loeu people come to the town market from their villages in order to sell fruits and vegetables and other forest products. This is also another occupation of Banlung people. Farming is the top earning source of people live there because of the agricultural aspect. 

There are many restaurants in this town of both high and low standard. Cambodia is getting progress day by day and the aspects of progress can be seen in the villages, town and cities of Cambodia. Banlung is also the same upcoming town in the list of progressed cities. Though people are highly religious and traditional but still they have space for modern culture in their society. 

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