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Khmer Tradition and CultureWedding Style

Khmer wedding style are a bit too complex for the ones who are organizing such wedding they have to keep the rites and rituals of the Khmer tradition and culture in mind. One gets amazed by knowing that the bride and groom have more than one outfit, if it is compared to a runway model. The Khmer wedding festival is celebrated for almost three days. 

Do you know how the bride and groom manage their dresses for three consecutive days of Khmer wedding? Well in many countries, Khmer society has different ways and culture. In some of the places, you will find a groom and bride are getting their costumes ready for the other days on rent and many of the couples are doing it, as it doesn’t cost them much more as compared to making brand new outfits for each day. Only on the wedding day, the dress is custom made for both bride and groom, and given as wedding souvenirs although the other two days' outfits of wedding are on a rented basis. But for those who belong to the elite class of Cambodian doesn’t have any problems in making attires for themselves on the three consecutive days of wedding festival.
You must be thinking why the bride and groom are abiding to such rites. Well the answer is that of the ancient days, during the beginning of the Khmer Tradition the both bride and groom have to follow these rites and rituals but also these rules were implemented on the families of the bride and groom as well and also on the communities. This tradition is still following the Khmer rules in order to fulfill the major commitment, although it is very expensive wedding style. The one of the important feature of the Khmer Wedding is that families are conducting negotiations under the supervision of their grandparents in order to proceed further with the wedding that can only take place if the two families are accepting and agreeing to each other.

Suitable selection of a time to get married is a big affair in the Khmer families. One has to go through with the fortunetellers by consulting with him and asking for a better future life. The other important style and culture or tradition of Khmer is that they also take advice from the Feng Shui masters and Buddhist holy monks. This means that they are not sticking only, to fix the date and time but also help in preparing and organizing the room of a bride, i.e. from setting up the bed to the blankets and pillows in order to have happiness in life forever as a Khmer newly wed couple.

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