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Khmer rouge historical background

Khmer Rouge is the name given to the name give to the Kampuchea Communist party followers. The communist party of Kampuchea in Cambodia was formed in 1968 as an offshoot of the Vietnam Army’s arm from North Vietnam. The Khmer Rouge ruled Cambodia from 1975 to 1975 and it was led by PolPot, Nuon Chea, Leng Sary, Son Sen and Khieu Samphan Democratic Kampuchea was the state name during the reighn of the Khmer rouge from 1975-1979.
The Khmer rouge is remembered for orchestrating the Cambodian genocide. It led to wide spread famine in Cambodia when it attempted to reform Agriculture with its insistence on self-sufficiency and it led to thousands of death from treatable diseases like malaria when it limited medicine supply. Whenever you would be suspected as a subversive element you would be tortured and executed. By 1975 the people’s republic of Kampuchea was being established most of the Khmer rouge had escaped Cambodia. Many of the Khmer rouge guerrillas surrendered to the government under the government Amnesty when the Monarchy was restored was restored in 1993 and the country underwent a name change to the Kingdom of Cambodia. Leng Sary formed a new political party in 1996 called The Democratic national movement. Leng sary was the deputy leader of the Khmer rouge and had been granted amnesty.

After renaming the country to the Democratic republic of Kampuchea they started subjecting the Khmer people to a lot of radical social changes which were aimed at making Cambodia a purely agrarian based communist society. They forced almost 2 million people from their homes and sent them to the country to take on agriculture. The disregarded many basic human rights during this exercise. They controlled almost all the actions of Cambodians, what they wore, who they could talk to and many aspects of their lives. The killed may intellectuals during this period and city duelers and many soldiers who were suspected of being traitors. They had a motor in reference to the new people/ urban civilians which stated. ‘’To keep you is no benefit. To destroy is no loss’’ this prophecy had been developed overtime. 

Pol Pot was the key leader in the movement after he returned from France. He was the Leader of the French Communist party that gave guidance to the Khmer rouge idea. Cambodian leader Prince Sihanouk was overthrown in 1970 and then he looked to the Khmer rouge for backing.

After 4 years the Khmer rouge was removed from power in 1979.

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