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Cambodia Modern Architecture

Cambodia modern architecture is anchored on the New Khmer Architecture movement which was effective in 1950s and 1960s. This new style is a combination of the Cambodian traditions which is a collection of the traditions of the people s houses as well as the architecture of the Angkor. The movement came in to existence almost at the same time when Cambodia acquired its independence in 1953. When Norodom was overthrown, the new Khmer became popular and controlled the Cambodian architecture.
The new Cambodia modern architecture revolves around Norodom Sihanouk who was the Cambodian king between 1953 -1955. He became the head of state between 1960 -1970. This leader was ruthless but he was loved by his people because of his ability to compose and write poems. He also came up with lyrics that were entertaining and full of messages. His vision was to build a country that is modernized and improve on all sectors of the economy starting from Agriculture, education, tourism, arts and health care. He had a crop of young architects who had been trained abroad and on whom he relied on to develop the new Phnom Penh. These young brains worked hard and are the forces behind the new name that Cambodia acquired (Pearl of the East). The efforts were echoed by the Singapore Prime Minister who visited the country between 1959 and 1990. The king was so impressed by the development and said that his wish was for Singapore to develop along the same line.

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