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An Introduction to Cambodia

It is a better idea to know about the culture of the country, which you are planning, got to spend the vacation with your family. Cambodia is one of the greatest countries in Eastern part of Asia Continent. The culture here plays a significant role in uniqueness of the people. In earlier days, They have suffered with internal war and some issues. Now, the country putting its past behind to embrace the twenty fist century. Most of the people around the world are interested to choose this as a destination to spend vacation with their family members. However, this country has a vibrant, exciting tourist travel destination are offering an opportunity to set back the history behind. The people here are good people are they stored their culture and moments in ancient history are in a kind and charming culture. There are so many facilities offering by the five start boutique hotels, and also you can see the crumbling colonial building, and you can hear the sound of motorized rickshaws and trendy restaurants and spas. 
The boarder countries are also very good and greatest countries in the continent. The Thailand, Laos and Vietnam are the boarder countries to the Cambodia. One of the greatest rivers Mekong is the boarder place for Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. This Mekong River is starting its journey from Laos in the North and moving to south almost divide Cambodia country into halves. This river shore has so many beautiful places and also having one of the greatest capital for Cambodia. And this river forms a Great lake near Capital at southwest. There is another great tourist attraction here, it is the Angkor temple complex. This Temple was built in earlier days; you can see the Khmer culture architecture around this temple. 

Most of the people around the world are used to call this as Land of smiles, The Cambodian culture was full influenced by the Theravada Buddhism practices by the thirteen million ethnic people of Khmer culture. There are so many people who are migrated there in early centuries. Chinese, Vietnam, and hill tribes are formed new generation called Khmer people. These people built the Angkor watt temple redefining the culture of these people of the eleventh century. At that time, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand are the parts of the Khmer Kingdom. The Khmer culture is severely influenced by the Indian and western cultures. In earlier days so many people think that it is not a safe place to live. However, the new technologies arrived there and change everything. And now the tourism is the main way of income to this country. Every day, so many people are visiting this country to see the world biggest eco park for elephants and bird sanctuary. Spending vacation in this country would remain you and your family as a dream comes true situation. Finally, for more information and details about Cambodia country, please visit their website.

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