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World Khmer Radio in Cambodia

Thousands of people have downloaded a Cambodian-developed application for the iPhone and iPad that allows users to listen to radio on their Apple gadgets. The application, called Radio Khmer (version 1.2), was created by KhemaraSoft, a technology firm that develops applications for Apple’s iOS platform.
Sath Mony, a cofounder of the business, told me recently that the new application allows people to listen to Internet-based radio, like VOA Khmer, Radio Free Asia (RFA), Radio France International (RFI), World Khmer Radio and Khmer Post Radio. Founded last year, KhemaraSoft now employs five developers, four consultants and an adviser—all of whom mostly communicate over the Internet to organize and complete their tasks from locations scattered across Cambodia, the US and New Zealand. Radio Khmer is free to download, but Sath Mony says the company’s English-Khmer dictionary, which costs $3.99 at iTunes, is its most popular app.

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