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Theravada Buddhism in cambodia

The majority of Cambodians follow Theravada Buddhism.
. Originating in India, the religion teaches that life and death in this world are intertwined through the concept of reincarnation.
. Every person lives a life as a worldly being and depending on their behaviour will come back in their next life as a higher or lower being.
. "Karma" is the term used to describe this - i.e. if you do good you will have good karma. A rough translation of this is, "you reap what you sow."
Theravada Buddhism has the following principles:
- Have the right thoughts.
- Have the right goals.
- Speak the right words.
- Perform the right deeds.
- Earn a living in the right way.
- Make the right effort.
- Be intellectually alert.
- Meditate.

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